Alison & Brian Lister's digital photo album

The home of our photo albums since 1998.
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Alison's significant birthday
A day at the races for Alison's Birthday. March 2012.
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Gayle and Lloyd. October 2011.
One Small Step
One Small Step. Dora Frankel. Apollo Pavilion Peterlee. July 2011
Others from 2011.
Brian's significant birthday
Brian's significant birthday. March 2011.
Photo Frame 1
What we're showing on the left-hand photo frame in the hallway in Sedgefield
Photo Frame 2
What we're showing on the right-hand photo frame in the hallway in Sedgefield
Galway and Connemara
Galway and Connemara. Winnie & Alison. May 2010
Wedding of Gayle & Lloyd
The wedding of Gayle Sutherland and Lloyd Anderson. Byland Abbey, 14 August 2009.
North Wales 2009
In wales with Crispin & Marian Hodges August 2009
John McErlanes 50th
John McErlane's 50th birthday, Pelaw,
1 August 2009
foraging weekend
A foraging weekend on the North Yorkshire coast with Gayle Sutherland and friends. 12 - 14 June 2009
Others in 2009
Other pictures from 2009 including Anne, Amy and Mark Wilson in Whitby for the Goth weekend, Jo Beddows in Saltburn, Mum Lister in Sedgefield for Easter, Jill, Steve, Francesca and Kitson
Willis in Sedgefield, Brian and Alison in Amsterdam, and, sadly Dad's funeral in February.
Brian and Alison Lister in Sicily 2008
In Sicily September 2008. Milazzo, Lipari, Stromboli, Ragusa, Villa Gelso and Taormina. With Crispin and Marian Hodges.
North Wales 2008
On holiday in North Wales with Crispin and Marian Hodges July-August 2008.
James and Claudia's wedding
James and Claudia's Wedding Sunday 15 June 2008.
Others from 2008
Other pictures from 2008. Including Matilda's second birthday party, a day on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal with Winnie and Frank, Kristian, Traci, Daisy and Dylan Lawler at John and Lorna's barbecue. Plus Ben and Andrew complete the Great North Runon Sunday 5 October.
Gayle's canal boats
Gayle Sutherland and friends' birthday cruise on the Leeds and Liverpool canal 7 - 10 September 2007
Venice with Crispin & Marian Hodges
Venice with Crispin and Marian Hodges. March 1980 and March 2006!
Alison in Jamaica
Alison at the Calabash International Literature Festival, Treasure Beach, Jamaica. May 2005.
Jimena de la Frontera
Southern Spain. Jimena de la Frontera with Crispin and Marian Hodges. October-November 2004.
Wales 2004
In North Wales with Crispin
and Marian Hodges
Wales 2002-2003
In North Wales with Crispin
and Marian Hodges
2002 and 2003
Barcelona 2002
In Barcelona with Crispin
and Marian Hodges
October 2002
Alison's 50th in Florence
Alison celebrating her 50th birthday in March 2002. She was completely surprised by the sudden appearance of Crispin & Marian Hodges at a pavement cafe in Florence on her birthday.
Costa Rica 2000
Costa Rica with Marian, Crispin and Toby Hodges. August 2000
Jill, Steve, Kitson and Francesca Willis
Jill, Steve, Kitson and Francesca Willis
Anne, Mark, Tom and Amy Wilson
Anne, Mark, Tom and Amy Wilson
Giles Squire Metro Radio
Photos from radio stations,Metro Radio, Radio Tees, TFM, Alpha 103.2 and Sun FM. Starring Giles Squire, James Whale, Iain Elliott, Geoff Oliver, Andy Hollins, Roy Leonard, Peter Craig, Simon Parkin, Adrian Allen, Al Rhodes, Helen Bundzenieks and Jan Verill.
Alison's family
Alison's family. Winnie and Frank McErlane, John, Maureen etc.
Brian's family
Brian's family and schooldays. Edith and Walter Lister, Barbara and Alan Smith, James and Katherine, Geoff Poynton, John Hurley, Jane Field, etc.
The 1970s
The 1970s - friends and family
Holly and Kristian Lawler
Holly and Kristian Lawler
Crispin Hodges
Crispin, Marian, Guy and Toby Hodges
Jane Walden and friends
Jane Walden, Geoff Oliver and associated friends including John Coulson, Enid Urwin, Wendy Savage and Iain Elliott
Greece with Pat Ransford
On holiday in the Greek Islands. Paros, Naxos and Santorini. Including Pat Ransford who we met in Athens.
Chris Owen
Chris Owen - mainly from the 1970s
Essex University reunions
Essex University reunions, including Derek Hearl, Barry Alford, Rosy Border, John Rabson, Deborah Davies, Robin Gape, Tim Roberts, Marian (Min) Brooks, Mike (Mick) Coleman, Martin Essex, Steve and Babs Lyons.
Essex University 1969 - 1973
Essex University 1969 - 1973, including Min Brooks, Martin Hutton, Chris Corbett, Martin Essex, Dave Fletcher, Phil Tritton, Carole Tritton, Walter Taylor and others.
Crispin & Sue's birthday party
Crispin and Sue's birthday party. 17 November 2001
Ben Lister's 18th birthday
Ben Lister's 18th birthday party. Saints, Durham. 18 March 2001
Holidays with Winnie and Frank McErlane
Holidays in Scotland (September 1999 and August 2003), Ireland (September 2002) and Northern Ireland (August 2003) with Frank and Winnie McErlane.
Holly & Jason's wedding 2005
Holly and Jason's Wedding. Saturday 3 September 2005 Marylebone Registry Office, London
Kris and Traci's wedding
Kris and Traci's Wedding Sedgefield, Saturday 1 September 2007